The singer is in a medical facility on the "East Coast"…

Courtney Love will remain in hospital until “at least until August 5”, it has emerged.

The troubled rocker was due to be sentenced in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom Friday afternoon (July 16), but Judge Patricia M Schnegg approved a request by Courtney Love’s lawyer for a postponement until August 6 due to the singer’s recent hospitalisation.

The Judge granted the request, but made it a requirement that if Courtney Love leaves the medical facility she is in, described by her lawyer as located on the “East Coast,” she will have to report to the court within 24 hours of release.


The charge stems from an incident last October when Courtney Love was found by Los Angeles Police Department officers responding to a disturbance call, in the middle of a residential street after having broken windows at the home of former boyfriend.

Courtney Love was booked on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Her lawyer said Courtney Love is expected to remain in care “at least until August 5”.


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