The star faces more problems in court...

Courtney Love‘s legal concerns grew yesterday when a LOS ANGELES District Attorney filed a new motion, which if approved by the Judge would slap the singer with $40,000 bail.

During Thursday’s (July 15) pre-trial hearing for Courtney Love‘s two counts of felony drug possession – stemming from an incident last October, the DA filed a motion, which will be ruled on July 23. If accepted, it would require Courtney Love post the $40,000 bail or face jail in the run up to the trial. Additionally it would revoke a waiver that allows Courtney Love‘s attorney Michael Rosenstein to stand in for her.

The motion comes less than a week after Courtney Love forfeited $55,000 bail and had a warrant issued for her arrest after missing her arraignment on an unrelated assault charge.

Courtney Love‘s failure to appear in the other matter has resulted in the district attorney requesting her presence in this court, revocation of her own recognisance and my ability to appear on her behalf,” Rosenstein said of the new motion.

“Once Courtney Love‘s able to be before the court we’ll be able to resolve all the issues that are occurring,” he added.

Her attorney confirmed the singer was currently on the East Coast of the United States receiving treatment in a medical facility.

“She was rushed to the hospital last week for an emergency gynaecological condition and she’s been stabilised on that,” Rosenstein said. “She’s receiving treatment and she’s doing well.”

He also addressed the outstanding warrant for Courtney Love‘s failure to appear at arraignment on the assault charge last week telling NME.COM they are preparing to co-ordinate her surrender as soon as the singer is able.

“Once I find that the doctors release her from care I’ll go downtown and I’ll request that the court do a 48-hour hold on the warrant because, last time we were in front of the court the judge made a big deal about why is she different from anybody else. The real reason why she’s different — if there’s a warrant out for her, she gets off the plane, she’s recognised, she’s arrested immediately, so in order to avoid having a felony arrest warrant executed on her, I’ll request the judge to hold the warrant for 48 hours and bring her into the jurisdiction.”