The star is set to appear on forthcoming soundtrack…

Courtney Love has sung on a version of the song ’LOVE, LOVE, LOVE’ for the soundtrack to the upcoming film ’ADAM AND STEVE’.

The singer was asked by ex-Faith No More keyboardist and bandmate (Courtney Love briefly fronted the group) Roddy Bottum to work on the project.

Bottum said: “Recording was a piece of cake. Courtney Love and I have been friends for over 20 years and we have a mutual respect for each other’s craft. The song is a ’40s big band sort of sound, not something you’d immediately associate with her style of singing.”

He told Bilboard.com: “Courtney Love and I had done a project a couple years ago that involved reworking old jazz standards so when I approached her about this song I was able to reference what we’d done before and she understood. She’s a total professional and compulsively fixates on a project until it’s perfect.”

Originally a Judy Garland song was originally planned for inclusion but had to be removed.

However, Bottum revealed that another big name was lined up to sing on the track, saying: “Pink was going to sing it. (She) would have done an amazing job, but I think Courtney Love brought something to the song that’s absolutely, undeniably something only she could do.”

“The song accompanies an off-kilter, non-traditional, out-on-a-limb relationship and Courtney Love‘s wears that shoe pretty perfectly,” he explained. “I feel like her voice is so recognizable in that specific way. She’s pretty genius at f*cking with convention. The politics and the message of the film are a lot about that.”

The film follows the story of two men who meet in the 1980s, have a ill-fated first date and then meet again 15 years later and start a relationship.

’Adam and Steve’ is set to premiere in late April at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival.

A release date for the soundtrack is yet to be finalised.