The star's arraignment in LA on a misdemeanour drugs charge will now be heard later this month...

COURTNEY LOVE’s arraignment in LOS ANGELES on a misdemeanour drugs charge has been delayed for the second time.

The charge stems from her recent arrest by the Los Angeles Police Department. LAPD say they encountered the singer after receiving two radio calls indicating a burglary suspect was on the scene in the 100 block of South Mansfield Avenue, in LA.

Rolling Stone reports that the arraignment on a misdemeanour count of being under the influence of a controlled substance will now be heard on November 14.

Love’s attorney William Genego asked Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner John W. Green for more time. It is expected when the case comes to court again, a plea will be entered. Although relating to the same night, the charges are different from the felony drugs possession charges Love also faces.

Judge Green said “A second continuance on an arraignment, while not the norm, is not uncommon and I’m prepared to grant up to two weeks.”