It's reported 'Mono' will be coming out on Alan McGee's Poptones label - though McGee denies this...

COURTNEY LOVE looks set to release a brand new solo single in the UK through ALAN McGEE’s POPTONES label later this year – though McGEE is denying the claims.

it had been claimed in newspaper reports earlier this week that Love had inked a deal with the one-time Creation Records label-boss to release new single ‘Mono’.

Despite the fact that Courtney is tied up in litigation with Universal attempting to extricate Hole from a deal with the label, she posted a message on the Hole official website this morning (August 29) saying she was currently was deciding whether or not to release her new single before Christmas. She feared it risked being completely overshadowed by the long awaited new Nirvana ‘greatest hits’ release, ‘Nirvana’.

“So I can put out my first single before Christmas and be mowed over by my own husband or wait,” she said. “It’s a bit of a dillemma (sic). Ironic. I don’t want to be mowed over by him. I’m sick of being mowed over by him.”

She intimated that the deal is sealed with timing the only issue. “I’ll let Allan (sic) [McGee], Jim [Barber, Love’s manager] and my US label decide.”

McGee has denied the claim, insisting: “Courtney Love is currently signed to Universal Records worldwide. She is a great friend, but we have not signed her to Poptones.”

The posting was removed within an hour of its appearance.