The star is to play the part of Lady Macbeth in a major new movie role...

COURTNEY LOVE is set to play the part of SHAKESPEARE’s LADY MACBETH in a major new movie role.

In recent years Love has taken a number of acting jobs, including a supporting role to Woody Harrelson in ‘ The People Vs. Larry Flynt’, a film based on the life of the infamous ‘Hustler’ magazine founder, and the girlfriend of Jim Carrey in ‘Man On The Moon’, the Milos Forman biopic of American comedian Andy Kaufman.

The former-Hole singer has now revealed that she plans to put a “fist size dent in the batlleship that is (the) role” of Macbeth’s wife, and will star alongside Scottish actor Peter Mullan. The film will be shot in Scotland and directed by Vincent Regan.

Writing on the on the Hole website message board, Love, who is in England at the moment, has contributed to a number of lengthy discussions on the character’s personality traits. She revealed a love of Shakespeare since an early age, and said that filming will take four to five weeks to complete.

The role of Lady Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and difficult characters. In the play Macbeth she uses emotional means to manipulate her husband into murdering King Duncan, thereby making him King. However, as time passes, the guilt of the crime sees them both slowly deteriorate into madness, leading to her eventual suicide.