The troubled star faces drug possession charges...

COURTNEY LOVE has turned herself into police to face drugs possession charges.

The singer has been charged with possession of the prescription painkillers hydrocodone and oxycodone, Reuters reports. The charges relate to night earlier this month where LAPD say they encountered the singer after receiving two radio calls indicating a burglary suspect was on the scene of an LA home.

The police department reports that after responding to the scene, they encountered Love, who indicated she broke some windows. Shortly after being released on bail she was taken to hospital for a suspected overdose.

“It’s not much of a case, if a case at all,” Love‘s lawyer, William Genego, told MTV. “It was literally like three pills. They were not found on her. She handed them over to the police that night and she had no concern in handing them over because she believed she had a prescription for them. Hopefully we’ll get proof of that, and they’ll take that into account.”

If found guilty there is a possibility Love could be eligible for a drug diversion program that would avoid a prison sentence.