The misdemeanor charge relates to last week's arrest in the US...

The LOS ANGELES CITY ATTORNEY’s office yesterday filed a misdemeanor charge against COURTNEY LOVE over her run in with the law last week (October 2).

The charge stems from her recent arrest by the Los Angeles Police Department. LAPD say they encountered the singer after receiving two radio calls indicating a burglary suspect was on the scene in the 100 block of South Mansfield Avenue, in LA.

The police department reports that after responding to the scene, they encountered Love, who indicated she broke some windows at a local home.

As a result of her conduct on the scene, which the officers believed indicated she was under the influence of drugs, Love was taken to the police station. There, her condition was further assessed and the officers arrested Love for allegedly violating Health and Safety Code 11550, Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance. She was later released on $2,500 bail.

“Today we filed one criminal misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance against Miss Courtney M. Cobain,” City Attorney Office spokesperson Frank Mateljam told NME.COM. “Her arraignment is now scheduled for October the 10th, this Friday.”

Love does not have to be present at the hearing, where a plea will be entered. If she is convicted on the charge, Love could face a maximum penalty of one year in county jail.