Th star also reveals that she thinks The Hives are better than Nirvana...

COURTNEY LOVE has revealed how she almost came to blows with CHRISTINA AGUILERA.

The Hives singer told a conference at last week’s South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, that she came close to landing a punch on Aguilera when she directed a comment at her songwriter pal, Linda Perry.

Linda, who writes songs for Aguilera, has also been collaborating with Love on some new demos.

She said: “I almost had a fist-fight with Christina . I was with Linda and she came over and said: ‘What are you doing? Writing rock for your friend, Courtney?’

“And I’m like: ‘Christina , do you even know what rock is?’

“When Linda has been with Christina , we need to take a steam bath before she comes in with us,” she added.

Courtney also told music industry delegates that she considers [/a] to be better than her late husband’s legendary group.

“This is better than Nirvana because there isn’t just one brilliant boy. [a] are going to sell maybe two million records in the United Kingdom – and in a year, it’s going to be selling in the United States too. We can hate or love The Strokes, that’s not really the point. This is not a novelty, this is new garage and it’s here.

“It sounds like it was recorded on cardboard in 1964 by Mick Jagger and it’s cool.”

After her speech, Courtney was later seen at the side of the stage for sets by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Girls Against Boys. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were later ejected from their own gig for trying to steal [a][/a]’s trademark facemasks.