The star attempts to ignore the time limit on her performance while supporting Jane's Addiction at the Hollywood Bowl...

COURTNEY LOVE was embroiled in a battle to stay onstage during her opening slot on the JANE’S ADDICTION tour in LOS ANGELES on Saturday night (October 27).

The star and her band were five songs into their set at the Hollywood Bowl, a venue with a curfew of 11pm, when a stagehand appeared to caution the star about her set length.

“Tell Perry [Farrell, Jane’s frontman] three more or we’re leaving,” Love said from the stage. After a rousing cheer, she announced they would instead be playing four tunes. It was at the conclusion of the song that followed the comments that the lights were turned up on the stage and the sound cut off.

Love appeared distressed at this and made attempts to encourage the crowd to cheer. As her band’s equipment was cleared off in preparation for Jane’s Addiction‘s headlining set, she was seen arguing at the side of the stage several times. Minutes later Love came back with a handwritten cardboard sign, protesting that the lights being turned up on her.

Love left again but then returned with an acoustic guitar which she used to play to the crowd in the pit area of the venue. A third attempt was made to continue her performance when Love came back with guitarist Kenny Couret and a handful of fans who sat on the stage around the two. When the power was not restored and the fans were ushered off stage, Love sat at the foot of the stage and again played to the pit. Throughout the 45-minute standoff, staff of the event appeared to make pleas to encourage Love to leave the stage. Eventually, at the end of the standoff, a stagehand took her guitar from her, and another member carried her offstage, to a large cheer from the audience.

At the start of Love’s opening set, she had said: “Perry wants to put me in my place for this show but we’re going to put him in his,” leading many fans to believe that was the reason for her behaviour.