Hole frontwoman premieres new tracks and takes aim at Fred Durst...

COURTNEY LOVE sent a timely reminder to the rest of rock’s elite when she premiered a host of new tracks at a show in CALIFORNIA’s VENTURA THEATRE last night (October 26), a performance described by NME.COM’s reporter as “vital”.

Flanked by a new band – Steve McDonald, formerly of Redd Kross, on guitar, Patty Schemel, her old Hole colleague, on drums, Jerry Best on bass and Kenny Korade on second guitar, Love took to the stage in a flailing white blouse and blue jeans and immediately launched into a tirade against Fred Durst, saying: “I’m here to take Durst out of your arse.” She then went on to climb the speaker stack at the side of the stage and invite at least 30 girls to invade the stage.

The new songs are “almost uniformly excellent”. She has ditched the super LA Fleetwood Mac sound of Hole’s last record (1998’s ‘Celebrity Skin’), relying instead on a heavy, fuzzed-up collision of Led Zeppelin, 60s garage and West Coast punk. The two outstanding songs were the opener ‘All The Drugs’ and the brilliantly titled ‘But Julian I’m A Little Older Than You’ (named after a meeting she had with The Strokes singer Julian Casablancas last week). The former sounds like a punk take on Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’, while the latter’s a brutal garage rocker, as well as being a duet with Steve MacDonald.

These new songs were interspersed with old Hole numbers, ranging from B-sides ‘Drag’ and ’20 Years In The Dakota’ to the more obvious singles ‘Malibou’ and ‘Asking For It’. There were also several esoteric covers along the way, including an encore version of The Lyres’ ‘Help You Ann’. The night ended with her crying her way through another new song, ‘Life Despite God’, and then closing with a ragged acoustic version of ‘Northern Star’.

It’s doubtful, says NME.COM’s reporter, whether she has ever sounded this vital or important at any other point in her career.

Love takes the songs to a bigger audience tonight with a support slot to Jane’s Addiction at the Hollywood Bowl.


‘All The Drugs’


‘But Julian I’m A Little Older Than You’


’20 Years In The Dakota’

‘Hold On To Me’

‘Left In The Dark’

‘Asking For It’

‘Life Despite God’



‘Help U Ann’

‘Northern Star’