'Mono' will be released on the Poptones label...

COURTNEY LOVE will release a new single in the UK in a matter of weeks.

The highly anticipated track ‘Mono’ will be released on the Poptones label of Alan McGee and comes after Courtney finally settled her wranglings with her previous record label Geffen.

Last week a statement from Universal Music Group who own Geffen said, “Ms Love is in the process of recording a new album and the first single is to be released in January by Poptones Records in the UK.”

But Poptones have been less keen to admit a deal with them has been struck. A brief statement from Poptones to NME.COM said: “Poptones has always been enthusiastic about the possibility of working with Courtney Love and should she conclude her exit negotiations with UMG, Poptones would look forward to working with her.”

Reading between the lines, it is clear than whenever ongoing contractual niggles are tidied up, Love‘s single – backed with her tongue-in-cheek track about The Strokes, ‘But Julian, I’m A Little Older Than You’ – will appear. There is no indication what these may be. However, the Universal statement also announced that UMG would receive royalties “on some of Ms Love’s future recordings.” This royalties rate may be a stumbling block with Poptones.

The deal she has struck with Universal also means that Courtney Love gains ownership of unreleased Hole recordings. The label has also waived its demand for a further five undelivered Hole albums as agreed in the band’s initial contract.