The star also finds time to diss Eminem and Fred Durst...


has given NME.COM an exclusive preview of her new album featuring her first new songs in four years.


played us a selection of her works in progress, with tentative titles including ‘Pills’, ‘Left In The Dark’ and ‘All The Drugs In The World’. We also heard what will be her first release since 1998’s ‘Celebrity Skin’, ‘Mono’, and its likely B-side ‘But Julian, I’m a Little Older Than You’.

Although Love

is unwilling to reveal an album title, a recent poll on her website suggests ‘Life Despite God’ and ‘Harder Faster Ever After’ are in the running.

In the four-year hiatus, Courtney says she’s “de-grunged”, and the new songs, while still obviously penned by her, are far more diverse in style. The influences vary, from [/a] and Wire, to PJ Harvey, ’60s LA pop and Gospel. Most of the material we heard was in demo form, recorded on a simple four-track. She is now back in Hawaii doing more recording but plans to come back to the UK to finish the record.

“I need to be the Queen. I keep things in order, I really do,” she says of her new material. Nu-metal is still a target, but so is “stupid” and “sexist” Eminem, who she’s “going to go after”.

She said: “It’s time for (Eminem

) to go. He’s a fucking sexist. He’s not good for my fucking daughter. I want a good world for my daughter. When I saw ‘It’s so boring without me,’ in that song (‘Without Me’), I just figured he’d written a nice song about me!”

Below is an exclusive preview of Courtney‘s new album, so far. NME.COM understands that the sessions have been produced by Courtney Love and Jim Barber, and there’s talk of the album being released by Poptones this year.

‘All The Drugs In The World’ – One of the first songs written for the new record. A real late ’60s / early ’70s vibe to it, with Led Zeppelin

and Rolling Stones an obvious influence. “This song is a great way to start a show”, Courtney says of ‘All The Drugs…”s massive opening guitar riffs and stomp-a-long chorus.

‘Evil Women Blues’ – Probably not the finished title, the version NME.COM heard is long and drawn out, with PJ Harvey‘s ‘Rid Of Me’ an obvious influence. More of a work-in-progress than a complete song, Courtney claims Christina Aguilera was in the next studio when she recorded it. It ends with the the lyric “I can’t find a vein.”

‘Pills’ / ‘Sunset Strip’ – Courtney plays three different versions of this song to NME.COM, each with different parts that are finished. Describing it as “orgasmic”, the lyrics reference [a]

‘s but, Courtney says, “the killer line is ‘Cruising down the Sunset Strip / There is nothing that is not within my grip/ Tonight, I got it right, just one time’.

‘Mono’ – The first single. “It’s deeply, deeply spiritual,” Courtney says of ‘Mono’, which is much less polished than anything on ‘Celebrity Skin’, but catchy nonetheless. A release date is still unconfirmed, but the single is now complete.

‘Left In The Dark’ – Considering the diversity of what comes before it, the “pure Californian pop” of ‘Left In The Dark’ is much closer to Hole than the “de-grunged” ‘Mono’ and ‘Pills’.

‘But Julian, I’m A Little Older Than You’ – Bubblegum pop, Wire an obvious influence. The lyrics are mostly made up from Escort Agency adverts, and includes a goofy and funny chorus ‘I see Paris / I see France / I can see your underpants’.

One of the other lines quips ‘In the story of my life you’ll barely get a mention’, a dig at the people who try to sell stories on her life. Early versions contained references to ‘London Calling’, but Courtney is considering taking them out following the death of Joe Strummer.

‘The Ballad’ – Courtney doesn’t have a proper title, but seeing as she speaks of it in the same sentence as REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ and Oasis‘ ‘Songbird’, NME.COM gets the impression it’ll be a single.

“You’d better get a lyric you can live with forever,” she says. “There’s a lyric in there which is ‘I Am The Centre Of The Universe’, and I get to say that every fucking night. So when I say it I have no problems, because no matter what mood I am in I get to go out and sing ‘I am the centre of the FUCKING universe.”