The door is now open for a host of future Nirvana releases...

UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP have announced they have reached a settlement with COURTNEY LOVE – opening the door for a host of NIRVANA releases in the future.

A UMG spokesperson has said the lawsuit is settled, leaving them free to release a Nirvana greatest-hits LP, a box set and a rarities album.

Rumours of a settlement have been circulating the music industry for a number of days. Love was due to go to the Los Angeles County Superior Court tomorrow (October 1) as part of her battle against the label.

However, now the settlement has been reached, Love is free of her contract with Geffen records. As part of the settlement, UMG will waive any rights to future recordings from Love.

Also, Love and the other members of the Cobain estate have granted UMG permission to release new Nirvana packages, including a compilation album with a never-before-released track, a box set, and a rarities album. Separate permissions were obtained from the surviving members of Nirvana.

The statement continues: “Ownership of a group of unreleased Hole recordings will revert to Ms. Love. In addition, UMG will waive the company’s re-recording restriction for some previously released Hole songs. Ms. Love also has the option to release a long-form Hole video program with UMG under a separate new agreement. Ms. Love is in the process of recording a new album and the first single is to be released in January by Poptones Records in the UK. UMG will receive a royalty override on some of Ms Love’s future recordings.”

Love said: “I’m excited to be releasing music again and rock music is starting to become very fun. I plan to continue my advocacy of artists in Sacramento and Washington, where this belongs. I look forward to joining my fellow recording artists as we look for solutions to the problems we face in the music business. We must all work together through lobbying and collective bargaining to create the opportunities that have been lacking in our careers.”