She's expected to receive multi-million dollar advance ahead of Nirvana archive releases...

COURTNEY LOVE is close to a settlement with UNIVERSAL/GEFFEN RECORDS over her much talked about lawsuit aimed at getting her out of her deal.

After being put back several times to allow mediation talks, the suit had been due to go to court on Tuesday (October 1). However, The Hollywood Reporter claims a deal between the two parties is close. Under the terms of an agreement, Love will receive a multi-million-dollar advance on the projected earnings of forthcoming Nirvana archival releases.

The industry is rife with rumours about just what format these releases will take. As Love has also announced she has reached an accord with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the surviving members of Nirvana, over rights to the band’s vast legacy (she had argued as Kurt Cobain’s widow most of these should rest with her), it is widely accepted that some form of Nirvana Greatest Hits will be issued before Christmas.

The deal with Geffen also means Love will be free to release her much vaunted solo material. A single from the former Hole frontwoman has been mooted for release through Alan McGee’s Poptones label, also before Christmas.

This week has seen the great ‘lost’ Nirvana track ‘You Know You’re Right’ being broadcast by a number of radio stations both in the UK and the US. It was leaked onto the Internet on September 21. Several stations have been issued cease and desist letters by Universal/Geffen. The track is being held up as one of the jewels of any new Nirvana release.