Courtney Love says her opera character enjoys a ‘vivid, Kurt-and-me kind of love’

Singer is currently starring in 'Kansas City Choir Boy' in New York

Courtney Love has said that she relates to the character she plays in opera Kansas City Choir Boy because it reminds her of the “vivid, Kurt-and-me kind of love” she shared with her late husband Kurt Cobain.

Love is currently starring in the production, which was written by Todd Almond, in New York. It sees Love play the role of Athena, a teenage singer who leaves her teenage sweetheart in Kansas City to move to New York in search of fame and fortune.

Speaking to Billboard about the role and her character’s storyline, Love said: “I can relate, to an extent. A boy and a girl that are the coolest in town, like Minneapolis, where I had a boyfriend who looked like a Botticelli painting. He was in a little band, and I made him come to LA with me, and he crashed and burned. He couldn’t deal. It’s infamous in Minneapolis local lore that I broke up this band – I think they were called The Bastards. I took their drummer – he was dumb, but he was gorgeous. We couch-toured.”

“I was working at the Seventh Veil [strip club], bringing home the bacon,” she added. “And he just couldn’t deal with what I wanted. If I didn’t make it, I’d f—ing jump off a roof. Seriously. I didn’t have a plan B. So, I can definitely relate to her ambition. I understand this character’s need to get out of Kansas City, but she’s in love. This is real vivid, Kurt-and-me kind of love.”

Love also discussed the transition from rock’n’roll to opera and insisted that she didn’t feel out of place, adding: “[Hole’s 1998 album] ‘Celebrity Skin’ is an opera. Every single record I’ve put out, except for ‘America’s Sweetheart’, which sucked, has had a thematic situation. So I don’t feel like I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be doing.”

Meanwhile, Love will be touring the US with Lana Del Rey this year as part of the pair’s ‘Endless Summer Tour’. The joint stint will begin at the Woodlands Festival in Texas in May, before heading to Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and other cities.

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