‘Live Through This’: Not a Hole lotta Kurt

Courtney Love denies Kurt Cobainwrote 'Live Through This' and slams the surviving ex-members...

Courtney Love has attacked Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic for failing to support her over rumours that Kurt Cobain wrote substantial sections of 1994’s Hole album ‘Live Through This ‘ . The album was released within weeks of his suicide in April 1994.

In an interview for The Observer, Love says: “All this time I have never addressed this. But here I am finally saying for the very first time that Kurt did not [write] ‘Live Through This ‘ I mean for fuck’s sake, his skills were much better than mine at the time – the songs would have been much better. That’s the first thing.”

Courtney Love rails against ex- Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic for staying quiet on the issue. “I was like: ‘Why don’t you stick up for me?’ and they’re like ‘We never get asked'” says Courtney Love . “I’m like: Why don’t you offer the fucking information?”


In the interview Love said she “didn’t give a shit” about Nick Broomfield‘s savage criticisms in his documentary ‘Kurt and Courtney’ and that if Kurt Cobain had lived she would have left him if he was still on heroin.

Courtney Love attacks ex-Nirvana members and says she could have left Kurt had he lived. Has she finally gone too far? Click to have your say…

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