The levels of secrecy during the filming of 'Julie Johnson' were so high that Love was never referred to by name in the production papers...

Fears for the safety of COURTNEY LOVE led to the introduction of extrordinary security measures on the set of her forthcoming film release.

Such were levels of secrecy introduced during filming of ‘Julie Johnson’, which premieres at the Sundance Film Festival next week, that Love was never referred to by name on production papers.

“The daily call sheet was never allowed to carry her name,” a source told yesterday’s (January 14) Observer newspaper in the the UK. “She was always described by some facile codename, such as Mary Black or Mary White.”

The Hole frontwoman’s primary concern was thought to be Lesley Barber, the ex-wife of Love’s current boyfriend Jim Barber. Love, the widow of the late Kurt Cobain, alleges Ms Barber has waged a 20-month campaign of stalking and terror against her.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, Love was forced to withdraw from production on John Carpenter’s ‘Ghosts Of Mars’ last June due to a foot injury. It has since been alleged that the injury, blamed at the time on a sporting accident was caused by Lesley Barber running over her foot in a car. Barber has denied that claim, and others, including threats to burn down Love’s house.

In ‘Julie Johnson’, shot on location in the outskirts of New York, Love and Lili Taylor star as two downtrodden women, who, after years of abuse, leave their husbands to set up home as a lesbian couple. It has already been touted as a new ‘Thelma And Louise’.

Insiders on the set also made it clear that, as well from the threat from Barber, Love could not escape the ever-present intimidation from disgruntled Nirvana fans, many of whom still hold Love responsible for the 1994 suicide of Cobain.

“She is often shouted at by fans of Kurt Cobain,” said one source. “They call out things like ‘Yoko’ and accuse her of having taken over his life.”

‘Julie Johnson’ is due to go on general release in the US later this year.