As loses court case to Universal, the Hole frontwoman insists upon her fair share...

Courtney Love is demanding a slice of the #81million her record company was awarded in their legal win over, and is prepared to take them court to get it.

The Hole singer has also branded Universal, the parent company of Geffen her own label, as “racketeers” for their refusal to cough up.

Love is angry that throughout the time the case against was going through the courts, Universal made much of the stand they were taking for the rights of the artists whose work, they claimed, was being stolen and exploited. She sees little evidence of this in their reason for not paying these performers a part of their windfall.

“They’re claiming that Internet file downloads are covered by the same licence as, ahem, ‘record clubs’, and thus we are owed nothing,” she said in an e-mail posting on respected online music discussion group ‘Pho’.

“I call this racketeering, and so should you.”

According to e-business magazine, Universal have declined to comment.

However, Howard King, the lawyer representing both Metallica and Dr Dre in their separate suits against Napster, the mp3 download software provider, labelled Love‘s stand as “misguided”.

He has argued that it would not make sense for Universal to make any sort of arrangement for paying their artists just yet, as the entire legal process with has not been completely settled.

King does however believe that money should be forthcoming for artists at some point in the future as “damages in lieu of retail sales [Universal] otherwise would have made and had to pay royalties on”.