Courtney Love makes opera debut with performance of ‘All I Ever Wanted’ – watch

Hole singer to star in upcoming pop opera Kansas City Choir Boy

Courtney Love has made her opera debut with a performance of ‘All I Ever Wanted’ from Todd Almond’s upcoming pop opera Kansas City Choir Boy, which opens in New York on Thursday.

A video premiered by the New York Times, which you can see below, shows Love accompanied by a cello and piano as she sings the track. Lyrics include “Today I woke up to a phone call that I knew was coming, a phone call from you. All I ever wanted in this lifetime was to see a movie with you“.

The opera runs as part of the Prototype Festival from January 8 – 17. It sees Love play the role of Athena, a teenage singer who leaves her teenage sweetheart in Kansas City to move to New York in search of fame and fortune.

Speaking about her perfomance, Love divulged that musical theatre is a medium she’s always wanted to explore. “It’s like putting out a single. If it gets catchy, then we do it in London or something. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t,” she said. “We think it’s really catchy and fabulous. I’ve never done musical theatre — I really wanted to do theatre, but probably I’m not ready to do a play quite yet. Fortuitously, Todd wrote this thing eight years ago, and I met him and I fell in love with it.”

The singer added that she realised she needed to do something different after becoming quite bored during performances with her band Hole. “I got to that part where I’m looking down at the setlist going, really, ‘Malibu’ next? Are we halfway done yet? And when that happens in rock and roll, it’s like, OK, I’ve got to look at something else. Because I’m not loving this. I’m not in the moment. Forget persona, forget who’s new and who’s old, your mojo is your mojo. This is giving me real mojo and challenges that hopefully aren’t too hard.”

Meanwhile, Love will be touring the US with Lana Del Rey this year as part of the pair’s ‘Endless Summer Tour’. The joint stint will begin at the Woodlands Festival in Texas in May, before heading to Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and other cities.

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