Courtney Love slapped a 'gagging order' on journalists during her visit to Britain last week...

Courtney Love slapped a ‘gagging order’ on journalists during her visit to Britain last week to promote the new Hole (pictured) album and single, both called ‘Celebrity Skin’, out on August 17 and September 7 respectively.

No reporters were permitted to ask Love anything relating to Nick Broomfield’s controversial movie Kurt And Courtney. All journalists interviewing Love or other members of Hole were made to sign a contract that dictated what they could and could not discuss with her.

The terms were: “During the course of the interview I agree to refrain from initiating any discussion on the following topics: Kurt Cobain; the Nick Broomfield film Kurt And Courtney; any band members’ private life and family; Hank Harrison (Courtney’s father); any half truths/rumours regarding Courtney Love pertaining to any connection with the above four topics as well as to any half truths or rumours relating to the use of illegal substances, etc.


“Unless Courtney Love herself initiates discussion on any of the above in which case any subsequent discussion may be included within the context of the interview.”

Love, who in Kurt And Courtney was shown storming off a US TV chat show because the interviewer asked her about drugs, has a history of threatening legal action. In 1994, faxes were sent from her lawyers insisting she would sue anyone who mentioned accusations made by LA private investigator Tom Grant that Kurt Cobain was murdered.

Earlier this year Love and her lawyers prevented Broomfield’s film from being screened at the Sundance Film Festival by barraging the organisers with threats of legal action. The new contract attempts to pre-empt any controversy. “She was effusive but kept to the interview restrictions,” one journalist told NME. “She talked a lot, but unfortunately not about any of the topics that people really want to know about.”

The band were also interviewed on BBC Radio 1 last Wednesday, August 5. Despite not being covered by the terms of the contract, Love was not asked about claims that Corgan wrote some of the album.

Last week, Corgan boasted to US shock jock Howard Stern about the extent of his involvement in making ‘Celebrity Skin’, something that has reportedly upset Love. “They can be mad about it if they want,” Corgan told Stern last week. “But it still is my riff on ‘Celebrity Skin’ (the single). She’s turned it into an ugly incident because she’s embarrassed that she needed someone to help her. If it wasn’t for me there wouldn’t have been an album.”

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