More details emerge in the lawsuit the Hole singer has filed against her ex-boyfriend's ex-wife...

More details have emerged in the $1.5 million lawsuit COURTNEY LOVE has filed against her ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife, who she claims threatened to “burn down” her house.

According to a report on US website [url=]www.cdnow.com, a lawsuit was formally filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on December 15. The suit, acquired by the website, alleges Lesley Barber, the ex-wife of Geffen Records executive Jim Barber who Love dated, stalked the Hole frontwomen for 20 months, culminating in Barber driving her car at Love at her home on June 4 last year.

In the suit, Love claims Barber is “on a mission to destroy” her, and also threatened to “plant cocaine” in her car.


Elsewhere, the suit also alleges Barber performed “assault, battery, trespass, theft, harassment, invasion of privacy, stalking, prank phone calling, and making terroristic threats, among many other unlawful and threatening actions directed toward (Love), her family, and friends.”

Love claims that as a result of Barber attacking her in her car, her foot was injured and she was unable to complete filming in John Carpenter’s ‘Ghosts of Mars’ film, which she was training for.

Love alleges that as a result of Barber’s actions, she has suffered “highly unpleasant mental reactions such as fright, sleepless nights, embarrassment, anger, chagrin, disappointment, and/or worry”. She is looking for $1 million for the harassment she has suffered, and another $500,000 for the income she claims to have lost as a result of not working on ‘Ghosts Of Mars’.

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