The singer and actress has been voted the person most people would like to see running the USA...

Courtney Love has been voted the person most people would like to see as President in a survey by US magazine JANE.

In the latest issue, she topped a poll of 3,500 readers, beating Oprah Winfrey and Kevin Spacey into second and third place.

Courtney has been speaking on the set of her new movie, ‘Julie Johnson’.

In an interview with to New York Times on the Brooklyn film set, she revealed that appearing on a US chat show inspired her to take on the role of geeky lesbian Claire in the film.

She said: “I went to a Wynona Judd show and she’s, like, married, not a gay person at all. But… there were so many women there I just thought ‘OK, this is like the big gay fest for women.’ I felt this vibe of not-straightness in the room, and yet everybody seemed to have wedding rings and children. Right after that, I read the script.”

Courtney‘s character Claire is the object of affection for Julie Johnson, played by Lili Taylor. The lead character is a housewife who decides to take up an evening class in computing, discovers she is a mathematics genius, and ditches her husband when she falls for Claire.

Director Bob Gosse described Courtney as “whip smart” on-set and added: “She’s brought an intelligence to Claire that wasn’t apparent in the screenplay.”

Courtney explained: “I grew up on the West Coast with hippies where if people were gay, they were gay. No big deal. But then a couple of years ago, when I started getting projected more into the mainstream and having to deal with mainstream American values and not really understanding it, I started to meet people who weren’t out, who weren’t resolved with it, and that’s the majority of people who live in this country. And I started to have a lot more compassion for the fact they can’t come out because it’s not that easy.”

In the interview she also revealed that she has a $100 bet with video director Spike Jonze and movie director Sofia Coppola that she will not wear anything “cool” while playing the role. “I sat down with them in the lobby of my hotel and they were both like, ‘A hundred bucks you can’t get through this movie without wearing something cool.’ I came to work on the first day and I said I’m not wearing one cool thing. Nothing cool is coming out of me! I’m really finding her [the character Claire] that way. It’s good to strip down and not be cool. And I’m gonna win that hundred dollars.”