The actress/singer claims Lesley Barber tried to run over her...

COURTNEY LOVE has launched a lawsuit against the ex-wife of her current lover, alleging the woman tried to run her over, forcing her to withdraw from a film role.

The Hole frontman has launched a #300,000 action against Lesley Barber, former wife of Love’s boyfriend Jim Barber. According to a report in this morning’s (January 4) Metro newspaper in London, Love claims to have injured her foot when Lesley Barber ran over her while attempting to mow her down. A further report in the UK press claims the attack was the culmination of 20 months sustained stalking by the woman.

In late July 2000 Love withdrew from her role in John Carpenter’s ‘Ghosts of Mars’, citing a serious foot injury as the cause. No other details were offered at the time.

A UK spokesperson for Love was unable to comment on the story.