The singer and actress speaks out at the Million Mom March in Washington...

Courtney Love spoke about the suicide of her husband Kurt Cobain at a major anti-gun protest in WASHINGTON yesterday (May 14), Mother’s Day in the US.

Speaking at the Million Mom March, which attracted 750,000 protesters calling for tighter gun controls, the Hole singer said her husband’s death was a “permanent solution to a temporary problem”, and slammed those who claimed guns were a means of protection.

“My little girl Frances will never have a father hold her hand as she walks to school or teach her to play the guitar… My daughter misses her father. Ask her if it is good protection,” Love said.


The singer also took a swipe at the way Cobain has been posthumously adopted by the disaffected.

She added: “He was a great poet and a beautiful songwriter. But he also became a symbol for a tragic death, a tragic means of death by gunshot wound and he never, ever would have wanted that.”

Nirvana frontman Cobain committed suicide using a shotgun in April 1994. Love said tighter controls could save countless lives, stating: “If we register guns, if we license gun owners, if we check for criminal records and for mental illness, we will make it harder for people to buy guns, and we will save countless lives.”

Also among the protesters who travelled from as far afield as the UK to the city for the Million Mom March were singer Melissa Etheridge and actresses Susan Sarandon, Rosie O’Donnell and Reese Witherspoon.

Parents of children gunned down at Dunblane Primary School in 1996 and in the Columbine High School massacre last year also spoke.

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