The singer/actress is in trouble over the filming of a movie about the life of William S. Burroughs...

Courtney Love is being sued by a film production company for non-payment of work they did on ‘BEAT’, a film about the life of the late author WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS.

The company, Background Productions, filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday (August 16) alleging that Love and associates behind the film were in breach of contract, committed fraud, defamation and inflicted emotional stress.

According to US website [url=], the company is claiming the $740,000 it was to receive for looking after ‘Beat’s’ day-to-day production was $100,000 shy of the figure contractually agreed.

Background production supervisor Alexandra Cardenas is also suing the Hole frontwoman for defamation, claiming the stress that Love caused her on-set has led to a hernia and prevented her from returning to work. She claims Love accused her of “being a spoiled rich girl, of stealing money, of exploiting and treating her crew badly, of being a ‘puta’ a whore”.

In the film Love plays Joan Vollmer, shot and killed by her husband Burroughs during a drunken William Tell re-enactment in 1951. Kiefer Sutherland portrays the author and andwidely-held as godfather of the ‘Beat’ movement.