Does that mean she has to keep her mouth shut? Surely not...

COURTNEY LOVE is set to star in ‘HELLO SUCKERS’, a forthcoming biopic about silent movie actress and BROADWAY star TEXAS GUINAN.

According to Variety magazine website [url=], the film will tell the story of Guinan and her colourful rise from showgirl to film star and nightclub owner.

Directed by Scott Elliot it will be based on the book ‘Texas Guinan, Queen Of The Night Clubs’.


Guinan was born in Waco, Texas in 1884 before running away to New York to begin life as a Broadway singer, drifting into roles in silent films. She became America’s first onscreen cowgirl thanks to a part in ‘The Wildcat’ in 1917.

During prohibition she ran an illegal speakeasy called the 300 Club staffed by hostesses and chorus girls. When the Depression kicked in, she began to tour her chorus girls around the US before contracting dysentery and dying in 1933.

Shooting on the film is scheduled to begin early next year, though no release date has been set.

The Hole frontwoman will next be seen onscreen in ‘Julie Johnson’, due for release in the autumn of 2001.

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