Courtney Love claims she and Dave Grohl have a £6k bet about strippers

Love also joins US TV show 'Empire', playing a rock star

After burying a 20-year long hatchet at Nirvana’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction earlier this year, Courtney Love and Dave Grohl have now reportedly hung out and made a bet about strippers.

Love and Grohl were spotted together earlier this month at an event in New York, where sources say they were “nose-to-nose at the table in the back, laughing, crying and hugging”.

The NY Post say they made a £6,000 ($10,000) bet over who “can get the most strippers”. Love told the paper: “Strippers love me! I’m taking him down. I used to be [a stripper], and I tip like a maniac so they relate to me. That’s the whole premise. That’s why we made the bet.”

The pair put aside their differences at the Hall Of Fame event in April, even hugging publicly. Their relationship had previously been frosty in the two decades since Cobain’s death. Before embracing the drummer, Love said: “You know, I have a big speech, but I’m not going to say it. This is my family.” Afterwards she continued, “I just wish Kurt was here to do this.”

Love later added: “I just wish Kurt could have been here. Tonight he would have really appreciated it. I just want to give this to our daughter Frances Bean, who couldn’t be here because she was ill.” After the ceremony, the Hole singer tweeted to say that she thinks Kurt Cobain would have been happy she and Grohl had made amends.

Meanwhile, the Hole singer will also appear in upcoming US TV drama ‘Empire’. Love will play a rock star on the show, which will focus on the hip-hop music industry.