Courtney Love sued by psychiatrist for ‘breach of contract’

New York addiction specialist says singer owes him nearly $50,000 in back payments

Courtney Love is being sued by her psychiatrist, according to reports.

Spin says that New York psychiatrist and addiction specialist Dr Edward Ratush has accused the former Hole frontwoman of “breach of contract” and, although the lawsuit does not specify the exact nature of the claim, he is alleging that Love owes him owes him $48,250 (£28,932) in back payments since 2010.

So far, Dr Ratush and his legal team are yet to respond to questions about the lawsuit. According to Rolling Stone, Ratush provides “comprehensive, private, innovative and personalized treatment for mental health and substance use disorders” and “specializes in helping people who suffer from Mood Disorders such as depression and mania, Anxiety Disorders such as panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and PTSD, Arousal Disorders such as insomnia, fatigue, shift work disorder and Adult ADHD”.

Last month, Love was found not guilty of publishing a defamatory tweet about her former lawyer Rhonda Holmes. The singer had accused Holmes of being “bought off” in a fraud case against those handling the estate of Love’s late husband Kurt Cobain but, following an eight day case and three hours of deliberation, the jury ruled that the tweet was not defamatory.

Speaking about the verdict, Love said: “I feel really good. I am relieved. I am really happy to have had good counsel for the first time in 24 years.” It was the first time a celebrity had been called to defend an allegedly defamatory tweet in a US courtroom.