Courtney Love claims rock ‘n’ roll is ‘pretty much close to dead’

Hole singer also admits it's hard for women in the music industry

Courtney Love has admitted that rock ‘n’ roll is “pretty much close to dead”.

The Hole singer claims that unless another band like Oasis or Nirvana comes along, there is no chance of it being saved.

“(Rock and roll) is pretty much close to dead, unless there’s some great savior art direction unless there’s a new Oasis or Nirvana and people buy into that and it gets as big as Kanye [West] is,” she explained. “It’s got to be innovative, it’s got to touch that many lives and kids, millennials, have all been raised, with very few exceptions, on rap and so I don’t know if they’d recognised it even if they heard it.”


She added: “When we were growing up they’d say ‘Oh, Dylan couldn’t get signed today’, 20 years ago people were saying that, so I don’t know, I don’t know if it could get recognised today. Do you think it could get recognised? I don’t know… A lot of millennials don’t know who Patti Smith is, it’s crazy! It’s weird.”

Love also said that female artists find it hard to break into the music industry.


She told Dazed: “There’s maybe 30 (female stars) if you count pop stars. Think about that, on the planet. Rockstars, I don’t know, I’ve never really sat down and counted female rock stars. There’s a few, there’s 10… 15… but throw a TV out on the balcony, the same stuff that Keith Richards did, the same stuff Jim Morrison did, the same things that Bono did – that we all forgot about – yeah, I think I get judged by a double standard a lot, but that’s just the way it is.

“I talked to Dave Grohl about this, this month, that he doesn’t have to change his sound and I kinda do and after hearing the latest PJ Harvey record I’m like ‘god, this woman never stops evolving, she’s so amazing and fantastical’, but at the same time I want to sound commercial, but not too commercial because no one is going to buy that from me and I can’t deliver that.

“So, I think with women, unless you are autonomous, unless you can play that piano, play that guitar, unless you really learn to do it yourself, you’re interdependent and if you’re going to be interdependent do it with people you trust and who can last the long haul with you.”

Love recently covered PJ Harvey’s ‘To Bring You My Love’, the opening track from the British musician’s 1995 album of the same name at an event in San Francisco earlier this month.