Defamation case against Courtney Love to go to trial

The Hole singer is accused of character assasination of her former lawyer on Twitter

A defamation case against Courtney Love will go to trial in 2014, Spin reports.

The case dates back to tweets sent by Love in June 2010 when she accused her former attorney Rhonda Holmes of having been “bought off”, writing “They got to her” after an investigation into the management of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s estate.

The Hole singer alleges Holmes committed legal malpractice and interfered by sending a letter to Love’s daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, a year before she spoke out on Twitter. The letter allegedly contained “shockingly false and misleading” content and caused Cobain to file a temporary restraining order against her mother.


Holmes’ letter is claimed to have read: “I lost my own husband from suicide within a few months of your Father’s suicide. … I write you now because we all need your help and your support. You are ALL the unfortunate victims of a very large and very scary conspiracy. I have personally experienced the reach and criminality of these thieves: They have hacked into my PCs (on one such occasion, to make my legal brief in this very case ‘disappear’; used my credit cards all over the county; and accessed/drained my savings account.”

It is said to have continued: “[You do] not have 1/1,000,000,000th of what it appears you should have in my view. … They accused your Mother of ‘diverting money in 2003.’ … Yes, as crazy as it sounds, not ONE of your ‘protectors’ (lawyers, bankers, accountants, managers, etc.) stood up to this. They had too much of an interest in keeping you and your Mom in the dark, sadly.”

Love’s current lawyers have claimed hyperbole and sensational language are part and parcel of social media but Los Angeles Superior court judge Michael Johnson responded saying: “Ms. Love has a big following and they all hang on everything she does and says and Tweets.” The case will go to trial in January.


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