Courtney Love: ‘Dave Grohl knows Kurt Cobain wouldn’t have wanted to be a Muppet’

Singer continues her feud with Foo Fighters singer

Courtney Love has continued her feud with Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl by insisting he knows what her late husband, Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, “wouldn’t have wanted to be a Muppet”.

The Hole singer and the former Nirvana drummer have never seen eye to eye, but their frosty relationship became public this week when Love accused Grohl of trying to seduce her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Grohl denied the allegations, but the bad blood between the pair goes back further due to claims from Love that he wasted Nirvana’s money. Now, she has spoken to the New York Daily News about her disagreements with the frontman, and once again referenced her unhappiness that the track ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was used in the recent The Muppets movie.

Love, who accused the Muppets of “raping” the legacy of Cobain and used the song without seeking her permission, said:

We got no money from The Muppets, we got nothing. It made Jason Segel feel special, but Dave knows Kurt wouldn’t have wanted to be a Muppet.

Last year, Love reportedly signed a deal to pen her own memoir. It is thought that the book will “set the record straight” about her marriage to Cobain, her career as a rock star and actress, and her relationships with other celebrities.

In February, meanwhile, Love responded to reports that she killed her daughter’s pet cat by insisting it was eaten by a mountain lion. The claims, which were made by Frances Bean Cobain when filing for a restraining order against her mother, are featured in the new ebook Courtney Comes Clean, but Love’s lawyer claimed that the allegations were false and that they were looking to take legal action over leaked confidential court documents.