Courtney Love granted a restraining order against her former manager who allegedly told her to “choke on opiates and die”

A judge has granted Love a temporary restraining order against Sam Lutfi

Courtney Love has been granted a temporary restraining order against her former manager, Sam Lutfi.

The order also protects Love’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain and her sister Jaimee King who also both allege harassment. Lutfi must stay at least 100 yards away from all three and not contact them in any way until a further hearing which is to be held on January 2.

In a statement to TMZ, Love’s attorney said “The escalating verbal harassment and threats of Sam Lutfi left no choice for Courtney and her family but to seek protection.”

Frances Bean Cobain and mother Courtney Love

A copy of the restraining order, obtained by The Spin, gives further details from Love of the alleged harassment which included calls “at all hours of the day and night” and via text messages, several of which were attached to the order.

In one message, Lutfi is alleged to have said “go choke on opiates and die…no one gives a shit about you.” Another reads “all of your shit is going public Friday morning..don’t say you weren’t warned.”

In her declaration, Love adds: “He became a friend over time, and eventually became a trusted advisor…with the benefit of hindsight, this was a huge mistake.”

Francis Bean and King in their own declarations also allege verbal abuse. Lutfi is yet to comment formally on the allegations.

Previously, Lufti received a restraining order from Britney Spears after it was alleged that Lufti had drugged Spears in order to maintain control of the pop star and her assets. The case was eventually settled by both parties.