Courtney Love calls out Met Gala tributes for “total disrespect” to Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy

“These dudes do not abide”

Courtney Love has taken to Twitter to call out this year’s instalment of the Met Gala, which she described as showing “total disrespect” to the legacy of Karl Lagerfeld.

The 2023 edition of the iconic fashion event took place in New York City on Monday (May 1), and the theme — entitled Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty — paid homage to the late German designer and others who shaped the fashion industry.

However, according to Hole frontwoman Courtney Love, the array of outfits worn at the iconic event were not only “boring”, but also showed “disrespect” for his legacy.


Taking to Twitter today (May 3), the singer-songwriter shared an image of herself and the fashion virtuoso, with a caption that suggested a conversation she would have with him if he were still around today.

“KARL: ‘Courtney, WTF was that Met ball?’” she wrote. “Total disrespect for your legacy. Oh and BORING.”

In a separate tweet, shared shortly after, Love also shared another image of herself with Lagerfeld, writing a caption that showed her lack of support for this year’s Gala. “These dudes do not abide. #MetGala,” she wrote, referencing the 1998 film, The Big Lebowski.

She also wrote a tweet that mentioned actress Amanda Seyfried — labelling her as one of only six people she considered as able to “pull off the theme”, and claiming that a lawsuit may have arisen “if Karl Lagerfeld was here” to see the event.


While most famous faces attending the 2023 Met Gala used their outfits as a way to celebrate their favourite designers – such as Kim Kardashian celebrating Coco Chanel and Pedro Pascal paying homage to Valentino – others used the opportunity to take a less conventional approach.

Jared Leto and Lil Nas X both paid tribute to the late German fashion designer’s cat, Choupette, in their choice of attire. The former arrived in a full costume that resembled the Burmese, while the latter sported a look made from glitter, silver paint and diamonds — made to resemble catlike features.

Doja Cat also channelled Choupette, and arrived wearing a jewelled dress, complete with cat ears and facial prosthetics that transformed her into a human-feline hybrid.

Love’s relationship with Lagerfeld stems back two decades, and the two remained relatively close up until his death in 2019.

In numerous interviews throughout her career, the Hole singer has shared insight into her experiences with the designer, including a time when he offered her fashion advice in 2006. “I was wearing this Geminola dress – Christmas green, Christmas red. Louboutins that are so blingy. And feathers in my hair,” she said to WWD in 2011, reflecting upon his disapproval of her outfit (via Harper’s Bazaar).

Courtney Love pictured in 2022
Courtney Love. CREDIT: Getty

“Lagerfeld looks at me and goes, ‘What are you wearing? A tutu? I see a tutu,’” she continued, adding that when she told him the outfit was to promote her record he simply responded: “It’s not working”.

Love wasn’t the only one to share her disappointment at some of the outfits at the event. Yesterday (May 2), it was also reported that The White Lotus star Aubrey Plaza was disappointed that Jared Leto took his cat mask off so early on — stating that he should have kept it on longer as “it’s what Karl would have done.”

In other Courtney Love news, last month a video was shared online which used AI to generate a clip of Kurt Cobain singing Love’s 1999 hit ‘Celebrity Skin’.

While the video was described as simply an “experiment” and “elaborate mashup” by the creator, the footage was quick to receive backlash from Hole and Nirvana fans. “Call it what you want, but this is copyright infringement, totally distasteful, poorly executed, and subtextual misogyny that panders to bigoted whisperings that Kurt wrote [Courtney Love Cobain’s] hits. Let them both rest,” one person wrote on Twitter.

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