Courtney Love calls her solo album “one of my life’s great shames” alongside Steve Coogan and crack

'America's Sweetheart' was released in 2004

Courtney Love has called her solo record one of her “life’s great shames”, alongside Steve Coogan and crack.

The star’s only solo album ‘America’s Sweetheart’ was released in 2004 and was recorded when Love was struggling with drug addiction.

The Hole frontwoman posted a photo of a car with artwork on it inspired by the album’s cover, sharing her thoughts on the record in the caption.


“A happy Australian cruising around, Australia… ‘America’s Sweetheart’ having her revenge, on, Melbourne ?” she wrote. “AMAZING!

“Maybe one day I won’t hate that record. It has some good songs. But like Steve Coogan, or crack, it’s one of my life’s great shames. Just the period, sloppiness, men, money, drugs, nightmare… although Chateau Miraval (where we made it) doesn’t suck.”

Love was briefly romantically involved with Coogan in 2005. In a 2013 interview she said she wasn’t aware that he played Alan Partridge on TV. “I had never seen Alan Partridge,” she told Love Magazine. “But I was in a band with people who did know about Alan Partridge, so I had to make a record with them constantly saying to me: ‘Back of the net!’”

Last year, the musician revealed that she had been working on a new solo record. “It’s early days and I’ve recorded several new songs whilst I’ve been in London,” she told NME. “I’ve also taken this time to enjoy rediscovering really good songwriters like Aimee Mann who’s from LA but went to Juliard and is a genius and overlooked.


Frances [Bean, daughter] sends me playlists, which are fantastic and full of artists that I hadn’t come across before too.”

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