Courtney Love on her new album: ‘It’ll have beats. Like Lorde has beats’

The record will be 'rock but with beats'

Courtney Love has revealed that she is currently working on an autobiography, before she completes a new album inspired by Lorde and Lana Del Rey.

The Hole turned solo icon took part in an Instagram Live Q&A with fans on Sunday (May 7), when she opened up about her current projects.

Speaking while vaping in bed in Italy for a collaboration with Gucci, Love answered questions for over an hour. During the chat, Love announced that she’s writing a book about her life and will record a new album once the book is finished.


Asked what the record would sound like, Love said that it would be rock but with ‘beats’, adding “like Lana has beats. And Lorde has beats.”

In the Instagram Q&A, Love also revealed her favourite songs by her late husband Kurt Cobain’s band Nirvana.

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Having previously toured together in 2015, Love and Del Rey recently interviewed one another to discuss their love of music.

Lana went on to describe her love of the ‘Malibu’ music video by Love’s band Hole and the song ‘Awful’, also by Hole. “You’re one of my favourite writers,” Del Rey told Love, who replied: “You’re one of mine, so, checkmate.”

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“What you did was the epitome of cool,” Del Rey continued. “And there’s a lot of different music going on, but adolescents still know when something comes authentically from somebody’s heart. It might not be the song that sells the most, but when people hear it, they know it.”