Courtney Love and Frances Bean fight to protect photos from Kurt Cobain’s death scene

Journalist and conspiracy theorist Richard Lee claims Cobain was murdered

Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean are reportedly in the midst of a legal battle against the release of photos of Kurt Cobain‘s body following his death.

The late Nirvana frontman was found dead at his home in April 1994 after taking his own life. However, journalist and conspiracy theorist Richard Lee has spent the last 23 years attempting to prove that Cobain was in fact murdered.

Now, The Blast claim to have come across official court documents detailing Cobain’s widow and daughter’s battle to prevent Lee’s attempts to have police photos from the scene of the singer’s death released to the public. Said images portray Kurt’s body “as it lay in the family residence after he was shot in the head.”


This comes after Lee failed in his attempt to sue the Seattle Police Department to get the photos released, before launching a fresh campaign again in 2016.

Cobain’s surviving family argue that sharing the images “would not only exacerbate the post-traumatic stress Frances Bean Cobain has suffered since childhood but physically endanger her and her mother by encouraging more disturbed stalkers and fanatical threats.”

Love claims that Lee has “stalked and harassed” her family for many years, and described the loss of Kurt as “the most traumatic experience of my life. It left me physically distraught and I continue to suffer emotionally from the loss of my husband to this day.”

Daughter Frances Bean meanwhile added that she “has had to deal with the trauma of his death her entire life.”

Frances Bean and Kurt Cobain
Frances Bean and Kurt Cobain


Meanwhile Brett Morgen, director of acclaimed documentary ‘Montage Of Heck‘, recently spoke to NME about how ‘the world needs’ Cobain in the wake of Donald Trump’s Presidency and Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault claims.

Morgen has said that what Cobain stood for was the very antithesis of Trump and Weinstein, and that his response to modern conservatism and sexism within the entertainment industry would be ‘brutal’ if he were alive today.

“We know what Kurt would think of Donald Trump,” Morgen told NME. “I mean he’d be doing what Eminem just did. “I mean Harvey Weinstein, Kurt has become a flag for subversion and misfits and the anti-capitalist, but that’s Kurt. I love that he has this space in our culture and society for this. He is needed now and I don’t know musically who’s leading the charge against Trump, whereas I can imagine if he was, it would be brutal. If he was still here with us. Trump was a product of the ’80s.”

He continued: “I mean he did [lead the charge against Trump], at the time he was one of the most vocal rockstars against sexism in the industry and a lot of the ills that were happening. He did fucking benefits to protest the rapes in Bosnia, he was very politically minded and was always on the side of righteousness.”

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