Courtney Love to celebrate 30 years of Hole’s ‘Pretty On The Inside’ at charity art exhibition

The event will "capture the album’s raw and intense energy"

Courtney Love is celebrating 30 years of Hole’s ‘Pretty On The Inside’ at a charity art exhibition.

The group’s debut album will be honoured at the event, which takes place on October 2 and 3 at Parliament Tattoo in London. You can buy tickets for the event here.

The event will see an art exhibition, tattooing, live music, DJs and more to honour the album.


A press release about the event says it is set to ​“capture the album’s raw and intense energy through a visual medium, featuring original pieces of work by an eclectic group of artists from many disciplines and backgrounds” which includes Emma Ruth Rundle, Bella Kidman-Cruise, Holly Amber, Mercedes Helnwein, Daisy Parris and Sade English.

Laura-Mary Carter of Blood Red Shoes, Hands Off Gretel and Los Bitchos will be performing acoustic sets at the event.

Speaking about the event, Parliament Tattoo owner Nicola Mary Wyatt said: ​“Pretty On The Inside was a battle cry for a generation of women who didn’t always identify with their assigned role to be sweet and dutiful.”

“Tattooing has long been associated with rebellion and appealed to those who reject society’s norms, so partnering up to celebrate this iconic album felt absolute. It’s an honour to celebrate this iconic moment with Courtney Love, who inspired so many to live authentically.”


Speaking about the record and its impact, Love added: ​“I was in a rage to be heard and wasn’t going to wait a second longer, so, I’d do it as I was, in all my flawed, young, ragged glory and swing for the fences.

“No one was coming to save me. Not then. Not now. Not ever. That’s what you can hear. Complete emancipation and nothing to lose.”