State Governor intervenes to stop black metallers from playing in the park...

Cradle Of Filthhave been banned from playing at the Milwaukee State Fair Park following a legal battle with the promoter and local government officials.

Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson‘s office refused to allow the two-day Milwaukee MetalFest (July 30-31) to take place in the public park after hearing the controversial black metal band, from Hadleigh, Suffolk, were due to headline along with support from Anal Blast, Internal Bleeding and Abusement Park.

Circuit Judge Gerald Nichol threw out festival promoter Jack Koshick‘s appeal against the decision last week (July 19), forcing the 10,000-capacity event into the privately-owned indoor Milwaukee Auditorium.


Local newspaper reports claim Governor Thompson‘s assistant Mark Bugher was “horrified and disgusted” after seeing a flier for the event.

Angry Cradle Of Filth manager Fay Woolven told NME: “Americans seem to have double standards. On the one hand, they wish to protect their kids from the corrupting standards of metal music, and on the other sell guns to any maniac who fancies a a weekend shooting spree. And what difference does it make if the gig takes place outside or inside?”

Woolven has recently been contacted by the Catholic League Of New York protesting against one of the band’s T-shirts which features a nun masturbating along with the phrase ‘Jesus Is A C—‘.

A letter from League president William A Donoghue states: “While Cradle Of Filth‘s material regularly features satanic imagery, this is a low even for them.

“I would hope you would urge them – out of common decency and respect for the sacred beliefs of others – to withdraw this offensive item from distribution.”

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