'Cradle Of Fear' will be released on the Internet...

Shlock-horror metallers Cradle Of Filth are about to star in a full-length movie to be released on the Internet.

‘Cradle Of Fear’ is the brainchild of Alex Chandon, who directed the video for ‘From The Cradle To Enslave’. He has scripted the story and will direct the ghoulish production.

In the tradition of the horror-lite series ‘Tales From The Crypt’, it will consist of five tales, which run around each other – the first one becoming the last one with the three in the middle interacting.


The opening scene features Cradle Of Filth playing live in a club with the band taking up various cameo roles throughout the stories which follow. Filth frontman Dani appears as a character who believes he is a vampire but instead turns out to be a lunatic whose father is a police investigator searching for a serial killer.

Of the project, Dani said: “If it turns out as good as the script reads not only will it be funny and quite gross, but it will be stylish and sexy. It will remain a totally underground film, as Alex doesn’t want to get it rated by censors, hence it will only be available to buy from his website.”

Dani added the director was also putting together the soundtrack, which would feature a new Filth track and “some really fucked up drum’n’bass music”.

Cradle Of Filth are heading into the studio on June 21 to record new album, ‘Midian’. Featuring Dani (vocals), Paul Allender (guitar), Gian Pyres (guitar), Robin Graves (bass), Adrian Erlandsson (drums) and Martin Powell (keyboards). ‘Midian’ is scheduled for release on Halloween. Prior to the album, there is a single planned which will feature vocals from German opera diva Diamanda Galas.

“The new album is named after the fictitious biblical place, Midian, where the monsters lived and it is a collection of stories related to that,” said Dani. “There are a lot of songs that are really guitar driven and it will reflect everything we have done.”

Immediately following the album’s release COF will tour Europe with American dates planned for early 2001.

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