Cradle Of Filth singer on the joys of Napalm Death, Venom and Deicide...

Record That Turned You On To The Dark Side

‘The Voice’ – Ultravox

“It was one of the first records I listened to and it was relatively spooky. I thought it was anyway. I must have been about ten and before that my dad collected reggae so I was listening to a lot of that – not by choice obviously. I wasn’t really into the ‘dark side’ then but I suppose I related to it in some way.”


Record That Reminds You Of The Thing You Most Hate

‘Music Sounds Better With You’ – Stardust

“It nauseates me to the point of being sick. I hate it. It just reminds me of total crap normality, gathering around in a really crap nightclub trying to bed some horrible tart in white stilletoes. It really is the worst record on the planet. I heard it on a local radio station in Ipswich and I just thought it was done by some local twat. I just remember thinking ‘this is fucking horrible’. I tell you, they say we make noise but that is just fucking poo!”

Record That Evokes The Best Halloween Of Your Life

Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula Soundtrack/Anything by The Misfits

“I stick them on every Halloween. I try to make a big thing of it and listen to one of those two records. Obviously, we go out and party because you’ve got make it a bit of event. Noone really gets into it round here like when we were kids but we used to always get drunk and do ouija boards or go to the local cemetry and mess around. You’ve got to make it Halloweeny. The last couple of years, I’ve been going to The Fetish Ball but this time I want to go to a proper fancy dress party – nothing kinky but as a mummy or something. In America, they really do it properly. It should be an event. Here, we stick our noses in the air and refuse to do anything and it’s crap.”


Record You’d Like To Die To

‘You Suffer’ – Napalm Death

“It’d have to be really tragic and take ages. Something with loads of pomp with a long ending like in dinasour films where little models writhe around on the floor for ages before they actually die! If it was a short, painful death, though, it’d have to be ‘You Suffer’ by Napalm Death. Definitely.”

Record For A Night Of Debauchery

‘S Club’ – S Club 7

“It’s an awesome song. I think we’re going to do a cover of that ’cause I can’t get the bloody song out of my head. You’d have to do something along the lines of their video to that song – something Marquis de Sade, something horribly sexual. As long as it didn’t involve children. Huge orgiastic things in the vein of Caligula with every member of S Club 7.”

If You Were Making A Horror Film, What Would Be On The Soundtrack

Cradle Of Filth

“I’d put a random selection of our own songs on it. It’d suit it quite nicely. We were actually planning to make a video for every track of the next album and then linking them with a bit of narration or dance mes and choreography and that. It’d be an hour-long story with some kind of psychological story to it. It wouldn’t just be a blood bath, although that’d be a bonus, and I think a lot of people would like it.”

Record Guaranteed To Clear A Church

‘Sacrificial Suicide’ – Deicide

“There’s eight voices all just shouting ‘SATAN’ at the top of their voices. I think that would do the trick.”

Soundtrack To Armageddon

‘Lustmord Wargasm’ – Cradle of Filth

“It just sounds like Armageddon. It was gonna be called ‘Theme To Armageddon’ ages ago but then that Bruce Willis film came out. I imagine Armageddon as a huge wall of flames leaping across the earth and that’s what the song sounds like when it kicks in.”

The Most Evil Record In Your Collection

‘Pentogram’ – Gorgorth/Anything by Abruptum

“It’s fucking horrible. It’s good horrible but you put it on and just think ‘what the hell is that? Is that a guitar? And what the hell is that over the top of it?’ It’s like listening to someone having their lung removed through their nose. Either that or anything by Abruptum who come from Sweden. Their was two people in the band and one of them was a real-life dwarf. The album title was too long because it was just a paragraph of Latin and was full of all these weird, disturbing noises. Apparently, the whole record was recorded with them burning and cutting each other. 45 minutes of that.

Record You’d Like Played At Your Funeral

‘Moonlight Sonata’ & ‘Buried Alive’ – Venom

“It’s two sides of a coin. ‘Moonlight Sonata’ would make them weep themselves to abject misery and then ‘Buried Alive’ would make them all laugh. Then they could all go off and get pissed at the record company’s expense.”