He might have slagged off the pop charts recently - but it would seem one man is exempt. from the U2 frontman's wrath...

CRAIG DAVID has found an unexpected fan in BONO, the man who recently slammed “pretty young things” dominating the pop charts, after the U2 singer invited the 19-year-old to collaborate with him.

“We’ve got a tune on our new album called ‘Walk On’,” Bono explains. “And it’s the wrong tempo for what’s going on with UK garage and that, but it’s the right feel, the right soul, and I was wondering whether him and his mates might do a remix of it.”

Apparently Bono heard Craig’s version of the U2 hit ‘One’ and wrote a note to the star during a session on London station Capital FM, where Craig hosts a regular show. The note reads: “Craig, love your ‘Walking Away’. Check ‘Walk On’ on our new CD. Maybe you and your mates could do a remix. It is the wrong tempo, but the right soul – we are your fans. Bono 2000.”

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