The Yoko Ono-organised bash sees the likes of Craig David, Lou Reed and Kevin Spacey belting out John Lennon songs...

LOU REED, NATALIE MERCHANT, MOBY and CRAIG DAVID were among the stars to gather in NEW YORK for a celebration of JOHN LENNON on Tuesday (October 2).

The tribute gig, at the city’s Radio City Music Hall, was originally organised to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Lennon‘s influential song, ‘Imagine’.

But the show was quickly renamed ‘Come Together’ and rebilled as a tribute to the victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Lennon‘s widow Yoko Ono opened the show, which she called an evening of “prayer and healing”.

Actor Kevin Spacey performed ‘Mind Games’, and told the crowd: “In his life, John Lennon struggled to remain a man of the people – a working class hero. Today, we are praising our own working class heroes.”

Natalie Merchant performed the Beatles song ‘Nowhere Man’, while Lou Reed sang ‘Jealous Guy’ and Craig David sang the show’s theme song, ‘Come Together’.

He said: “In the light of everything that’s going on, ‘Come Together’ is an amazing song.”

Former Beatle Paul McCartney is himself planning a fundraising gig at New York’s Madison Square Garden on October 20.