Craig David isn’t a fan of the Spice Girls reunion

He claims it won't be "authentic"

Craig David has slammed the idea of the upcoming Spice Girls reunion – claiming that it is ‘inauthentic’ to their original ‘Girl Power’ message.

The ’90s pop phenomenon announced earlier this year that they’d be returning to ‘explore some incredible new opportunities together’ – however, it doesn’t look like they’ll be touring.

Whatever it is they’ll be doing together, Craig David certainly doesn’t think it’s necessary, or true to what they initially set out to do.


“It’s a funny one,” he told The Daily Mail.  “I mean Spice Girls as a group embodied girl power. I think they’ve grown into women now.

“It’s like trying to form something, Victoria is doing her own thing now, Mel B is doing her own thing now, they’re all doing their own thing. I mean Geri was very vocal for speaking up about anything political.”

He continued: “I just think that for them to come back and pretend that they can throw on those little dresses and just vibe again isn’t authentic, back then it was authentic.

“I can’t be talking about young people doing what young people do, parents trying to find out what they’re up to, I’m 36-years-old.”

This comes after Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson said that she found the Spice Girls to be ‘abhorrent’ and that ‘Girl Power was a sham‘.


“I always hated the term Girl Power,” said Manson. “At the time, I found the Spice Girls abhorrent”.

She continued: “I was 30 when they came out I guess…[But] I felt they were written for, and controlled by, men, who had come up with a marketing slogan and put these girls together. It was pretending to be women taking control, but none of them took control, they weren’t writing, they weren’t producing, they weren’t playing…I found it a sham.”