Craig David reveals his dream collaborations for his next album

He also bigs up his summer tour

Craig David has revealed that he wants any collaborations on his next album to reflect the best of rising talent, rather than draw on huge names. Watch our video interview with the garage legend above.

David was appearing at the VO5 NME Awards 2018, where he picked up the Best Collaboration award for his track ‘I Know You’ with Bastille. Speaking on the red carpet, he told us what to expect from the guests on his next record.

“Do you know what? Weirdly enough, having worked with AJ Tracey on this latest one, along with JP Cooper and Bastille, it’s kind of the new wave,” David told NME. “Next, it may be Khalid, or Anderson. Paak. It’s about seeing who’s about to come through, and trying to bring people through in the UK.


“I think it’s easy when you’re having your shine to pop off all the big names, but bringing people through is what this whole thing is about.”

Skepta pays his respects to the UK garage icon.

This summer also sees David hit the road once again for a packed schedule of festivals and touring.

“I’ve been doing a lot of TS5 shows, which is my DJ set incorporated into me doing parts of my own songs, doing some of the new stuff, doing throwbacks, and doing freestyles,” he told NME. “As much as people who know, know about it – it’s still early days for TS5. It’s growing in its own way. We did arena shows where had the band segueing into it. That meant it could become a live thing as well.

“It’s still evolving, do you know what I mean?”

Watch the VO5 NME Awards 2018 in full below


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