Crawlers on My Chemical Romance: “Supporting the band that got you through year 10 is unheard of!”

The Liverpool band also teased a big announcement coming at Reading & Leeds 2022

Crawlers have spoken about the “monumental” experience of supporting My Chemical Romance. Watch our video interview with singer Holly Minto and guitarist Amy Woodall above.

Speaking to NME at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire this weekend (July 24), the Liverpool band reflected on opening for the emo legends in Woodall’s hometown of Warrington in May, where they were one of three acts supporting along with Frank Turner and Starcrawler.

“We just had the best night, the show was great, the fans were loving it,” she said.


Minto added: “I think supporting the band that got you through year 10 of high school is unheard of. That shit doesn’t really happen. I even came on wearing a shirt saying ‘I’m not okay’, and then [in] brackets ‘Actually I am because I’m supporting My Chemical Romance now, what the fuck?’”

Describing the support slot as “monumental”, the singer recalled MCR frontman Gerard Way telling the crowd: “Give it up for Crawlers, you guys sounded fuckin’ awesome!”

“I was literally like, ‘What the fuck?’ I’ve not [ever] had, literally, breath ripped out of me. And I was like, ‘Fuck’.”

Crawlers at Community Festival. CREDIT: Press

The band also teased that a big announcement is coming at Reading & Leeds in a few week – a slot that they described as a “full circle” and “bucket list” moment for all four band members.

“We’ve got something special lined up for Reading & Leeds,” Woodall said.


“We’re gonna be revealing something that Reading & Leeds people will hear first,” Minto added. “Probably the biggest news we’re about to drop for a long time, so that’s exciting.”

They also shared that they’ve been working on new music, teasing that new songs will be played on the upcoming UK tour – their biggest to date.

“It’s fucking sick,” Woodall joked when asked what fans can expect from the new material.

“We have really stretched ourselves, we have now gone the full levels of heavy, heavy music to really soft ballads,” Minto added. “I think, in America, I had this pure existential kind of songwriting moment where I went, ‘I want to be good at this’.

“I think now we’ve got new dynamics, we’ve got new songs, and we’ve got a new attitude too and we just can’t wait to share music.”

Crawlers will be touring the UK throughout November. Visit here for tickets and more information.