Rapper jailed for life for murder

Revenge attack sees Crazy Titch behind bars

Rapper Crazy Titch was jailed for life at the Old Bailey in London (November 2) after a revenge attack ended in murder.

The star, real name Carl Dobson, was reportedly outraged because his half-brother was “disrespected” in a song lyric.

The 23 year-old killed music producer Richard Holmes in November 2005 as a row over the offending lyrics got out of control.


Dobson and an associate, Anthony Green, 35, confronted Holmes, 21, because of his connection with the upcoming garage star Shaba Shah, reports The Guardian.

Shah, known as Shaba Shak, had released a track insulting Dobson‘s half-brother, Dwayne Mahorn, 25, also a rapper known as Durrty Goodz.

A handgun was held to the victim’s head before he was shot in the back as he tried to escape. The attackers also shot him in the leg with a Mach 10 machine gun. Dobson and Green denied any involvement, but a teenage rap fan who witnessed the shooting was able to identify Dobson because he had been on television.

Dobson and Green both received life sentences.

The court heard that Shah recorded a track, ‘Over the Years’, which contained the line: “Over the years things change in the ‘hood, I used to have a lot of respect for Durrty Goodz – either singer or song. Not no more”.

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