Cream's charitable organisation hopes to collect and disseminate extensive data about drug use...

Cream, in association with THE SOCIAL PARTNERSHIP IN DRUGS PREVENTION and HIP BOY COMMUNICATIONS yesterday (October 31) launched new drugs campaign CHECK YOUR LIFE, aimed at promoting drugs awareness among young people.

Headed up by the Liverpool superclub’s charitable organisation the Cream Foundation, the scheme will work primarily through website [url=]www.checkyourlife.comin the hopes of collecting and disseminating more extensive data about drug use in Britain and worldwide than in years past.

Said Research and Website Coordinator for Hip Boy, Toby Coffey: “The main objective is to get drugs awareness information out to the people who take the drugs. so people are more responsible about their own well being and the well being of their friends.”


The programme was given the support by Drug Tsar Keith Hellawell and Minister Ian McCartney.

Present at the launch, McCartney said: “There is no serious alternative to being involved with Cream and other club owners.

“We need to educate and inform but we mustn’t be patronising. That’s why this club and all the clubs in Britain have a responsibility . Clubbers will listen to those who work in clubs. They won’t listen to middle aged pooh bears like myself.”

Although Cream are currently facing tighter licensing restrictions following a raid earlier this year, the club said they have been working to fund and develop the scheme over the last two years according to owner James Barton. Barton said: “A lot of people may see this as a cynical ploy for us to keep our license and in some cases it is but this is something many of you have probably seen took a long time to put together and hopefully we’ll be vigilant and this will be something that will continue for a long time.”

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