Alan McGee: ‘I thought the PIAS warehouse fire was funny’

Creation Records founder says he thought the Enfield blaze was 'a result'

Creation Records founder Alan McGee has revealed he thought that the fire, which destroyed the Sony DADC warehouse last month “was funny”.

Speaking at BigSound, a music industry conference in Australia, McGee, who signed the likes of Oasis, Super Furry Animals and Primal Scream during his spell in charge of the label, said he believed the fire was “a result” and it had destroyed “lots of shit music.”

Asked about the warehouse fire, McGee is reported in to have replied:

I read that the Sony PIAS Building burnt down. I’m probably the only person who thought that was funny. I call that a result. Got rid of all the shit music. And you get paid for it, the stuff you couldn’t sell.

McGee went on to outline his displeasure with the current state of the musical world, adding:

I don’t really like music. With music it’s never enough for anybody, everyone wants to be Jagger or McCartney. As you grow older, it’s bullshit, you’re not that.

He also said that he wouldn’t encourage any young people to try and get into the music industry as too many of its current employees were “drug addled.”