Creation Records documentary ‘Upside Down’ screening details announced

See the story of Oasis and Primal Scream's label next year

The Creation Records documentary ‘Upside Down’ is set to be screened next year.

Featuring interviews with Noel Gallagher, Bobby Gillespie and founder Alan McGee, the film tells the story of how the label that was home to Oasis and Primal Scream among others began, the bands it discovered and its financial dissolution in 1999. See below for screening details.

Speaking to NME, director Danny O’Connor described the film as, “A celebration of Creation, not an appraisal or review, a celebration of swagger and an attitude.”

He also spoke of how the screenings won’t be conventional viewing sessions. “Basically, it’s going to be like a night out,” he said. “Everyone who buys a ticket gets an aftershow pass and we’re going to have DJs and hopefully a few bands playing. Also, at every single one of the parties, someone from the Creation story will be there. They might be from the bands or just a player in the story, like Irvine [Welsh] or Howard [Marks], but someone will be there.”

McGee said that the film “captures the spirit of Creation completely, Danny gets it completely, he did some much research, he knows it all. The film is bang on”.

Creation has been the subject of two biographies, but McGee said that neither “can hold a candle to the film. It captures it completely. The whole thing was just a weird success and every time I watch it back I’m just shocked we survived as long as we did. Watching it also makes me realise, I think for the first time, that I actually like all of the people involved and what they did. It’s just lucky everyone’s still alive to tell the story.”

Upside Down will be appearing at various film festivals around the world, with scheduled UK appearances in Glasgow, Stornoway, Liverpool and Sheffield. Tickets details are yet to be announced.

See for more information.

Upside Down will be shown in the following cities (some venues yet to be confirmed)

San Sebastian Dock Of The Bay Film Festival (January 7-9)
Goteborg (January 28–February 6)
Glasgow (February 22)
Dublin (February 17 -25)
Istanbul (February 19-23)
Berlin In Edit Film Festival (March 8-10)
Sao Paulo In Edit Film Festival (March 19-25)
Stornoway Celtic Media Festival (April 11)
Vienna Crossing Borders Film Festival (April 13-17)
Sheffield Sensoria Film Festival (May 1-7)
Lisbon (May 9-13)
Liverpool Sound City, (May 19-21)
Paris Filmer La Musique (June 8–13)
Melbourne (July 21–27)